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5 Of The Most Extreme Holiday Activities

 Some people just like to relax when on holiday. Sitting at the beach, maybe going into the  sea for a quick dip. However, others like to a bit further, and take on some extreme sports and activities while on their trips. From skydiving to cruising along a zip line, or bungee jumping in China, daredevils can enjoy everything that world travel has to offer in terms of danger. Sea lovers can also push for shark diving in the Maldives, while those after a more specific kind of adventure should take on the bull running challenge of Pamplona in Spain. These extreme activities are not for the faint hearted, but can easily make people’s trips:

1 – Skydiving
Jumping out of a plane at 30,000 feet might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but countries all over the world make it one of the best ways to see a landscape from a more unusual location. South East Asia is recommended for cheap and safe skydiving, with Thailand particularly popular. Those jumping can also do so with a qualified instructor, which is often a good way of tackling a sky dive if jumping for the first time. Other places that reward skydiving include Taupo in New Zealand, Texas, and the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia, which involves skydiving over a volcano.

2 – Zip Lines
Visitors to South Africa’s Sun City resort can enjoy a 1.2 mile zip line over the park. At 280m high, the zip line provides unparalleled views over the African landscape, and allows users to move at speeds of around 120 km/h. Probably the closet thing to controlled flying that can be achieved outside of jumping out of a plane, the zip line experience is one of the most enjoyable ways to see South Africa, albeit as long as you don’t mind the heights.

3 – Bungee Jumping
The world’s highest bungee jump can be found at the Macau Tower in China. At 233m in height, the jump gives the lucky users the greatest elevation, views and speed before the bungee cord kicks in. Speeds of 200 km/h can be reached during the descent, with the total freefall lasting for about five seconds before the 50 m bungee cord works, scooping divers off from about 30m above the ground. Airbags are provided for a soft landing.

4 – Shark Diving
Ideal for experienced divers, shark diving is best found in areas with clear waters like the Maldives and a number of islands including Meeru Island offer this experience. Many of the sharks found on reefs tend to be fairly tame, and will allow divers to get relatively close to them. Other options include being lowered into the water while in a steel cage that sharks cannot break through. Shark diving can also be conducted as part of a more general cave dive, one of the most challenging experiences for a diver, and a great chance to see rare sealife up close.

5 – Bull Running

A long held favourite of extreme tourists, Pamplona hosts its annual bull running event every year from July 6th to July 14th. Part of a much broader Sanfermines festival, but the most focal part, involves a mad dash to run with stampeding bulls, while still avoiding being gored or trampled. Although barricades are set up to prevent the bulls from escaping into the public, serious injuries and fatalities occur every year, leading to strong criticism of the event’s ethical basis.
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