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Auto-Blog Domination System. This is a comprehensive guide  on how to really make the most money with auto-blogs. This is going to be  different from other guides that claim to teach you how to create auto-blogs, or  blogs that simply write themselves and make you money. The truth is, that  despite the ‘Auto’ part in the name, work is involved in setting them up correctly.
In this report, I'm going to show you the exact way to unlock all the
What Is An Auto-Blog?
If you're wondering exactly what is an auto-blog, these are blogs that  update by themselves. You can say that in a way, they can potentially write  themselves without you having to touch them at all. This is done by activating  certain plugins, which create content for your blog. This is done by grabbing the  content from RSS feeds from article directories or Yahoo answers.

These auto-blogs are a good solution if you do not want to spend time and  effort updating a normal blog, and writing all the unique content for it. This is a  hands-free affair, and will provide you a good stream of income if you use them  in the way I've outlined in this report. I'll also explain in-depth about setting these  blogs up and how they work in a later section.
In terms of setting up an auto-blog, I'm going to go over everything that's  involved. This includes hosting, registering a domain, choosing a niche, installing  the blog platform, and installing and using the right plug-ins. So nothing will be  left out. I’m also going to be teaching you how to get these aspects done by  others, so you don’t have to waste your time doing it yourself.
How This Will Be Different From Other Reports
What makes this report different fromothers is that I'm going to teach you  how to make this process totally automated. This means that for every step that's  required, I'm going to show you how you can have the step completed without  having to do any of the groundwork yourself!
 Rather than letting you win for the short-term, I’ll be giving you the bigger
picture. In this report, I’m going to show you:

• How to plan for a long-term business model.
• How to eliminate the headaches involved with setting them up yourself, by  outsourcing a team of workers to work for you.
• The exit strategy everyone should have.
• The right way to promote your site
without blogfarms, or confusing links. For the type of auto-blogs I recommend  setting up, they are going to be  monetized with mostly CPA offers. You can also use Adsense or Amazon affiliate  if that's your preference. But I find CPA offers the easiest type of monetization to  work with when it comes to auto-blogs.  I will go over this in-depth in a later  section of this report.
Because auto-blogs are pretty much hands free and automatic, they are a  powerful way to keep building your passive income. If you use the techniques  contained in this report including the value building areas, you will sure be on  your way to making even up to $500 - $1,000 on certain days with this business  model:

I’m going to be honest and say that it will take some effort from you or  others' behalf to reach this point. Initially you should have a lower goal and work  your way up.
Later, I will even take things further by showing you how you can build  your own empire by scaling this system. This way, you will have more and more  auto-blogs working for you. Once again, the best part of this is that I will show  you how this can be done with barely any work on your part. This will be mostly  hands free as long as you're willing to pay a few very minimal costs.
Not only that, but I will show you exactly that to do with these auto-blogs to  hit a home run and make big profits with them. Other guides do not mention this,  but I truly believe this is the best way to make big money with these blogs.

As mentioned, the idea behind building your auto-blog empire is to make  sure that it isn’t a short-term investment. With the labor and costs that you want  to put into building your auto-blog, you want things to pay off much more than  what you put in.
That’s why I highly recommend that you do the following to make your  auto-blog business last for the long-term. If you enter this without a clear  business model, then even though you’ll make money, there’s no telling how long  this will last. Treat your auto-blogs like a business and you’ll be more secure for
Here’s The Main Plan
Now here’s how you basically want your main business model to look like:

1. Determine Your Income Goal Versus Expected Profit/Blog.
2. Outsource To build the desired number of auto-blogs.
3. Profit from the site for 2-4 months at most.
4. Dump or flip the site at it’s peak.
5. Repeat the process for long-term.

These 5 steps may seem simple, but they makes a world of a difference to  your business. Generally, a big majority of people get stuck on spending too  much time building a site only to face the wrath of the engines at a later date.  This is short-sighted and never the way to go.
Instead, rather than even doing the work yourself, once you’ve made  some money you should directly funnel this back into growing a few workers to  assist you in making these sites. Once they are done with the proper promotional  steps taken, you’ll be making money once the site is up. Now the other area that  people get lost in is that they expect their site to be around forever. In some  cases (there are a lot of factors) this may be true.
But, you are taking a risk with your site. You don’t want all of your hard  work to go to waste. Depending on how conservative you are, you should aim to  profit from your site for about 2-4 months. Even up to 6 months if you’re confident  that your site will be around. Once this is done, you’ll want to immediately flip  these site before or during it’s top traffic/income level. This way, it looks the most  attractive to your buyer when you sell it off.
Yes, the best exit strategy isn’t to just wait for your site to die off. Instead,  you want to flip them off to buyer for the aimed profit level. Overall, you’ll be  building a much more safe exit strategy for yourself.
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