Five Ways To Instantly Transform Your House -

Five Ways To Instantly Transform Your House

Some tips on how to make a great impression on potential buyers when trying to sell your home. Includes advice on replacing windows and doors with PVC alternatives.
When you are trying to sell your property, there are a few clever tricks you can use to brighten up its appearance. When we have lived in a house for years, we have a tendency to overlook its flaws and regard them as simply part of the character and charm of our property. When wanting to sell, however, you must overcome this urge to preserve the faded and peeling and smarten up your act. Here are five measures you can take to spruce up your home.
First Impressions
As with all human interactions, first impressions matter a great deal. When visiting a house you may want to buy, your mind is usually a blank slate in terms of how you feel about it. The trick is to make a great first impression when buyers arrive, to wake them up and make them feel excited about what may be inside. Tidiness is the key to selling houses quickly. The tidier your house, the quicker it sells. The front of your house is no exception. Kill the weeds in your path; put the bins down the side of your house; pick up litter that has blown in; paint your front door and put a tub of brightly coloured flowers outside; finally, clean your windows.
There is nothing less welcoming than a drafty, chilly house. Drafty houses are a ‘buyer alarm point’, as the perceived cost of rectifying the problem can put some people off. Consider investing in replacement PVC windows and doors. Whilst this might seem a big investment, you may be surprised at how low the cost can be. Don’t be afraid to shop around and negotiate. Fitting snug, quality windows and doors will give an instant sense of warmth, security and peace, as the sound insulating properties become instantly apparent when the front door closes.
One of the key rooms for potential house buyers is the kitchen. Whilst it might not be practical to replace the kitchen entirely, consider these measures: paint the ceiling for an instant lift; clean the tiles with a heavy-duty cleaner to remove grease and build up; polish up any stainless steel fittings; consider fitting low cost fresh vinyl flooring; put away all junk; keep surfaces clean and clear. Another lower cost way of making over your kitchen is to just fit new doors to your cupboards, so look into this as an option.
Depersonalise Your Home
Buyers must be able to imagine themselves inhabiting your space, so you need to try and ‘depersonalise’ your home to help them to do this. Put what you don’t use regularly into the attic; clear coats from hallways; put away personal items including items in the bathroom and master bedroom; remove children’s pictures from the fridge and take large posters in their bedrooms down. It seems harsh, but it is for a very short time and can make a huge difference to how buyers feel about a property.
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