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By now, you should have: found a niche/product, registered a domain, created a blog, used the plugins to automate the Amazon posts, and performed the listed google indexing methods. Now, it is time to get rid of that blog. This blog flipping guide is going to be quick and to the point, because these are simple sites to build and flip. The mechanics of this whole system are just super easy, and do not require a whole lot of steps. With that, let’s get started…

Finding Popular Nice

If you are creating your Automated Niche Blog to flip (remember,  you don’t have to), then you want to take time and find popular  niches. With physical products, it is pretty easy.
For nearly every physical product on Amazon, there are a good  number of people who are looking to buy those products. Once  you start researching niches, you will come across some of the  strangest things people buy from Amazon. So far, my most headscratching product has been explosion proof refrigerators.  Really…who knew?
Since you are flipping blogs, you want to build blogs around  products, or niches that blog buyers are familiar with. It is  important to note that not all niches will have the exact phrase  keyword domain that is needed for this system to work. But you  will be surprised at how many domains there are out there.

Some products will always be popular:
      • Baby products
      • Cooking supplies
      • Tools
      • Jewelry
      • Hobby items
      • Computer supplies
      • Apparel 
      • Electronics

These are just a few products that will always be popular, and  there are hundreds of available keyword domains within these  few niches. But don’t stop there.
Some great places to find popular products are
    • And Ebay pulse

Using these tools will help you uncover countless popular niches  and products.

Quick Flips

There are two different ways to approach your flipping. You can  build them, get them ranked and then flip them for a quick $50.  Or, you can hold on to them for a month or two and generate  some traffic and revenue. Let’s discuss quick flipping, first.
Quick flips have a huge advantage with this system. Basically, all  you have to do is get the site listed and on the first page of  google, then show perspective flip buyers how many searches  that keyword gets per month. That is basically it.
Quick flips work best with packages. You don’t want to go listing  each site separate. Instead, get about 5-10 blogs up and on the  1st page of google, and list them individually in one auction. 
Let people fight over them, and create a frenzy within the listing.  Buyers will see people posting SOLD and start buying anything  they can get their hands on. It would be nothing to sell 10 sites  in a 24-hour period. At $50 per blog, that would be $500. Once  you get experience building a couple of these sites, you will be  able to build them from start to finish, will take about 30  minutes. That equals $100 an hour.Grab some domains. Build the sites. Get them listed. Flip them.  It is really that simple. I could go on and on, page after page, but  there is really no reason to do that.

Hold'em flips

Hold ‘em flips are flips where you hold on to the site for a while,  before flipping it. This style of flipping has its advantages, but  you need to be careful with this method within this system.
To perform a hold ‘em flip, you need to have a golden keyword.  If you come across an available keyword domain with a popular  product, and you know that the site will generate revenue, then  hold it for a while and drive traffic. Once you have a few sales,  then you can sell the site for much more than $50.
Driving traffic to these sites is easy. Since they usually rank on  the first page of google, traffic comes organically. So, you just  leave it alone and wait for sales to appear. From my experience,  you will convert around 2%. 
The danger with holding a site for too long lies within the google  dance. That site that is on the first page of google, might not be  there forever. If you hold the site too long, it might get  sandboxed, and it might get sandboxed before you get rid of it. If this happens, you are looking at one month to three months  before the site appears in the SERPS again.
Let these sites age at your own risk. It might cost you!
I will go into my experience with this system and rankings once  again. It is my experience that these sites usually rank on page  one or two of google (usually 1st page) within a week, if you  follow the steps I outlined in the Research and Rankings report  included with this guide. After a day or two, the site disappears  from the SERPS. But then, in a day or two, it is right back where  it was. It is weird really. 
I have only lost two sites due to sandboxing. One site, I went  nuts social bookmarking. The other site, I can’t explain. It just  went away after a week and never came back.

There are four main marketplaces to work with. Each has it’s  advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them.
The Warrior Forum is a great place to flip these blogs. I showed  you some examples in the thread, of threads where these blogs  were being flipped.
The advantage of Warrior Forum is TRAFFIC. There is really no  better place on the Internet to flip a blog for a higher price than  Warrior Forum. I know there is SitePoint and some specialized  blog flipping services, but for these blogs, Warrior Forum is  great.
For $20, you can list as many sites as you care to within a single  posting. $20 for almost instant sells is well worth it in my  opinion. The great thing is, you really don’t need a big presence  in order to be successful at flipping these blogs. Once you show  that they are on the first page of google, it doesn’t matter how  new you are, or how few posts you have.

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