Keep Your Horses Healthy In Cold Weather -

Keep Your Horses Healthy In Cold Weather

Cold weather can pose somewhat of a challenge for some horses, this is why I have put together a list of things to remember when it comes to caring for your horse during the winter months.

  • Make sure that your horse’s waterer doesn’t freeze over
Your horse may be reluctant to drink water during colder periods. However, recent studies have shown that if you offer your horse warm water as opposed to cold water during cold water, they are more inclined to drink a healthy amount.

  • Due to their nature, horses tend to slim down in the winter as they draw from their fat reserves
This means they burn more calories to stay warm. Maintaining weight during cold weather can be a worry for horse-owners, so why not try a feed supplement that is high in oil which will boost calorie intake.

  • Some horses still compete indoors during the winter months
Therefore, due to the colder weather and energy exertion, food intake needs to compensate for this. Consider increasing hay rations as digesting the high-fibre hay will also keep the horse warm.

  • Horses have an innate desire to chew
If they are in a stable 24/7 when the weather is cold and this desire is ignored, they may develop behavioural issues such as woodchewing and woodsucking. It is important to get your horse’s teeth checked in time for winter 
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