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Our Dog Training Specialities

Our Dog Training Specialities

Confident Canines specializes in the following disciplines of dog training:

1. Basic Obedience this is the first stage of training for any discipline, we recommend starting this phase of training as soon as you bring your new dog or puppy home.  Basic obedience teaches your dog to walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay and come

2. AKC competition obedience this teaches the handler and the dog the skills needed to achieve success and compete successfully in obedience from Novice to Utility

3. Agility Training.  Agility is the fastest growing dog sport in the world.  It involves the handler directing the dog over different obstacles, such as jumps weaves, tunnels a specific course.  Scoring is based on number of obstacles completed correctly and the time in which the course was completed.

4. Schutzhund dog sport.  schutzhund is essentially a triathon for dogs it involves tracking , obedience and protection we offer training from beginging to advanced.

5. Behavior modification.  This focuses on eliminating unacceptable behavior such as essisive nipping or biting jumping barking or aggressive behavior.

6. Therapy dog training prepares the handler and the dog team with the tools and behaviors to successfully handle and enjoy many visiting situations.

7. Service dog training This is done on a case by case bases please contact us for these services.

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