PR Managers Beware-Your Review Response Can Damage Your Brand -

PR Managers Beware-Your Review Response Can Damage Your Brand

Chances are that your company has received a review or two on popular review sites like Google+ Local or CitySearch. If your company was unfortunate enough to receive a negative review, you should know that responding to the review in a timely fashion is extremely important, as it can help keep the review from doing a great deal of damage.
What you need to know, though, is that along with the initial review, your response plays a major role in the way that customers perceive your brand. So when it comes to responding to a negative online review, here are a few things to keep in mind.
Be timely.
It’s very important that you respond to the reviews in a timely fashion. If days, weeks or months go by before your respond, not only has the damage already been done, but it makes the customer feel as if you truly don’t care about what they said. Plus, it shows other people who come to the site that you don’t care enough about the reviews to take them seriously. This is why it’s very important that you use an online review monitoring service like Review Trackers to keep you up to date on new reviews that are posted.
Be courteous.
No matter how wrong you think the reviewer is or how upset or angry their review makes you feel, you need to ensure that your response is always as courteous as possible. The more polite you are, the better it will make the reviewer feel. Never accuse them of lying, and never call them names or become inappropriate. Remember that your response can be seen by the public, and if you do this, it will do more damage to your brand. Having a negative review about your company is one thing, but having a nasty response to a reviewer will be more damaging.

Use correct grammar.
This may sound strange, but when your response uses correct grammar and spelling, it will be taken more seriously. If your response is filled with poor grammar and misspellings, it will just be one more thing that the reviewer can use against your business. Plus, correct grammar and spelling ensures that your reviewer thoroughly understands what it is that you’re saying, leaving no room for miscommunication.
Say who you are.
It’s very important that you respond as a person and not generally as the business. It’s very important that the reviewer see your response coming from a real person instead of the brick and mortar of your business. This will give the response a more personal touch, and it may be just what your reviewer needs to remedy the situation.
Reviewers will also be more willing to accept your apology if it comes from a manager or another person with a higher title. If the response is coming from an intern, it will not make the reviewer happy. They’ll think that the managers don’t take the reviews seriously so they make it the responsibility of an intern.
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