Tips For Flying With Your Pet -

Tips For Flying With Your Pet

For those of you who cannot be away from your beloved four-legged friends, airlines today allow your pets to travel aboard with you. Most airlines allow pets to travel in the plane’s cabin or in its cargo hold. While the costs and restrictions for pet travel can vary, the important thing is to make sure pets are safe and taken care of.
That said, here are five tips to consider when flying with your pet:

Go to the Vet

Most airlines require documentation from a veterinarian stating that your pet is in good health before it can board a flight. Some hotels and results may also require the same information. A veterinarian’s checkup should include a general physical examination, up-to-date vaccinations and shots, and flea and heartworm treatments. If your pet passes the examination, your vet will give you a signed document that confirms your pet’s health and vaccinations.

Consider a relaxer

If you have an extremely anxious pet you might want to consider giving him or her a sedative to help your pet relax on the flight. Never give your pet any of your own prescription drugs. The dosage will be different and could be harmful to your pet. Ask your vet for a low dose sedative specifically for your pet.

Pet-friendly destination

Unless you’re traveling with a medical assistance animal, your pet may not be welcome everywhere. So, before you book your flight be sure that you’re heading to a pet-friendly destination. Websites like are dedicated to hotel chains that welcome and accommodate pets. If you’re traveling abroad, call the embassy ahead of time to find out the nation’s pet policy.

Alert the airline

Just as you should alert the hotel you’re staying at, call ahead of time to alert the airline that you will be bringing a pet on board. Booking your pet’s flight when you book your own will save a lot of unnecessary stress. Some airlines allow small pets in the passenger cabin. Larger pets will have to be in the cargo area. Or, you can try a pets-only flight, like the one that is offered by PetAirways.

Feed pet prior to departure

With airline security being strict these days, it’s important to prepare your pet ahead of time. The U.S. Department of Agriculture mandates that all pets are feed and watered four hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. When you arrive at the airport, you will be asked to sign a waiver that verifies that your pet has been give food and water prior to your flight.
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