You can see 10 Most Unusual Driving Laws in the World -

You can see 10 Most Unusual Driving Laws in the World

Odd traffic laws pop up because of unusual situations unique to a local area. Often the situation goes away while the law remain. We found ten instances of laws that might have made sense at one time, but no longer live in the world of the sane and rational. Here they are:
10.In Alabama, you can’t drive blindfolded.
9.In Chico, California, you can’t plant rutabagas in the roadways. Why just rutabagas? Would it be legal to plant corn? Or must it be a vegetable that has a ridiculous name, like kumquats?
8.In Glendale, California, it’s illegal to jump from a car doing 65 mph. It must be alright to jump if the car is traveling at 72 mph. Or 64 MPH.
7.In Reno, you can’t put a bench or chair in the middle of the road. Wait! I think I see a reason for this one. Most big cities have parades and people often come early to save a spot. They might put their benches or chairs in the middle of the road. Reno, you get a pass.
6.In Topeka, Kansas, you can’t drive down Kansas Avenue with a dead chicken in your car. Just don’t think about it, you’ll get a headache.
5.In Hermosa Beach, California, you break the law if you spill your Margarita in the street.
4.If you’re driving on the sidewalk in Oregon, you must yield to pedestrians.
3.Picture this, you’re driving down the road in Tennessee and you see an animal close to the road. You have a gun riding along behind your head in the custom made gun rack you got from ‘Big Jim’s Outfitters and Bowling Alley’ in Chattanooga, and you decide to augment the evening meal with some fresh road kill, or, better expressed, something killed from the road. You can’t do it legally unless it’s a whale. Yes, dear readers, it’s legal in Tennessee to kill a whale from the road.
2.In England, it used to be legal, if you were male, to urinate in public, as long as you did it on the rear wheel and had your right hand on the car. Try not to picture that in your mind. Oops, too late.
1.(tie) In Denver, you can’t drive a black car on Sunday. What about funerals on Sunday? Why black? Red would seem a more devilish color.
1.(tie) In London, you can’t hail a cab if you have the plague.
Andrew is a car enthusiast from Brisbane, Australia. He happened to stumble onto these unusual laws when he was researching the new Suzuki Alto price online and thought that they were too good not to share.
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